Engine Repair

I specialize in machine work related to engine blocks, cylinder heads and rotating assemblies. This includes automotive, truck, tractor, marine and diesel engine repair; high performance engines, including race engines.


Rotating Assemblies

Crankshaft analysis and measurement

Pistons, rods and piston rings assembly and repair

Restoration (auto and marine)

Clean and inspect for cracks

Parts fabrication

Cylinder head services

Machine cylinder decks and bores

True decks to crankshafts



Complete Race Engines for Drag Racing and Circle Track Racing

Engine beautification Dress up kits

Engine Blocks & Cylinder Heads

Block Cleaning, Decking, Boring, Honing

Porting and Polishing Cylinder Heads

Valve Jobs (3 angle)

Power wash and wire brushing

Engine block inspection and analysis

Cylinder deck resurfacing and squaring

Torque plate utilization for honing

Installation of cylinder repair sleeves

Camshaft bearings, freeze plugs, oil gallery plugs, high temperature engine enamels

Replacement valve sets, replacement seals

Repair of damaged castings

Gasket matching, painting and polishing (show car finishing, use enamel paints)

Threaded repair inserts for broken bolts, studs and damaged spark plug holes